Platinum Athletes

It's our world,  let's make the most of it.

Curently we produce high quality motivational highlight videos for some local youth sport teams. Our goal is education, motivation and positive stimulation for our youth through our highlight videos.

Our focus is keeping kids interested in sports and extracurricular activities by inspiring motivation and instilling confidence within each adolescent seeing the good they have achieved through the efforts they have put out

Currently our small team has built a great portfolio and are looking to expand and open the possibility to change the lives of youth in a vast amount of areas, making dreams become a more attainavle reality for our upcoming youth trough visual self motivation and a timeless memory for all friends and family.

Previously following:

Youth Football

2015 Palmdale Falcons Youth Division.

Palmdale, California

Youth Basketball

2015 Palmdale Clippers 13 & 14 Division

2016 Palmdale Thunder 13 & 14 Division

If you would like your team added to our website, please email us though our Contact Us page. And we will update your teams stats as we are notified.

We are looking for teams currently in season to follow, however, we will put up a tribute page for your team if their season has ended.

Coming Soon:

We will be following a Palmdale Youth Basketball team in the upcoming 2016 Summer season, more information will be updated by the start of the season.

Currently we are building a portfolio for non sporting events such as birthday parties, weddings, special events ETC, check out our learn more section for further details